Don’t Be Lazy, Just Walk!

4 05 2012

We have all done it, and seen many others do it as well; waiting for the bus around campus for 20+ minutes when we could easily just walk to our destination and be there in half the time. Why do students all over campus complain about walking so much? Walking is so beneficial to our health, more so than anyone realizes, and the buses are just promoting a sedentary life style for many. The same goes for taking the elevator, when most students and faculty are more than capable of walking up the stairs. I personally try to avoid these unnecessary luxuries such as the buses, elevators, escalators, and moving sidewalks. Although sometimes these pieces of technology are very beneficial to certain populations such as people with disabilities, and the elderly, and people with strollers, who have trouble getting around. However, choosing to walk, if possible, will help you in the long run.

Last year in Nutrition 400, my class had to track our steps with a pedometer over a period of a few days. We discovered that roughly 2,000 to 2,500 steps equals one mile and about 10,000 steps is roughly five miles. I found that on average I was walking five or more miles a day. Just walking around campus going from class to class, the dining halls, work, and various other tasks of my day. By choosing to walk, you can rack up those miles and get some exercise in without even realizing it! Even walking around the house counts as steps. get up and be active! So the next time you find yourself standing at the bus stop or waiting for the elevator to come down from the top floor, think about your health and all the calories you could burn walking back to your dorm or walking up a few flights of stairs. The benefits are endless!

For more information about the lack of physical activity in Americans, and using pedometers, please visit the Resources page and look at the links under Don’t be lazy, Just Walk!




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